Adapting to Positive Change as an Employee

Have you ever worked in lively restaurants? I have and I learnt a very valuable lesson in one of them that I want to share with you.

In both international and domestic businesses, change is as important as starting the business itself. Cultural change is significant but more often we find that companies are willing to change but things are …

How to Mitigate Change Management Challenges

Change is natural and in most cases, it cannot be avoided. Organizational change is important and it should be continuous. Even though it is important when it has positive effects, the initiatives fail for many reasons. It could be the planning is not well-thought-of, there was no enough time to execute the plan, no collaboration, tooling and those involved did …

Change is All About Attitude

Making changes in life whether they are work-related or personal can be such a challenge. Despite this, the attitude that one has towards the process is paramount. This determines how successful the change will be or how much it will fail. When one is effecting changes, they should only focus on how successful it will be.

Why there are Winners

Tips for Implementing Change in Your Life

Change is possible but the journey has many obstacles. Whether you want to change your diet, your behaviors or how you keep time, you must try and be committed. Implementing change can be a challenge but then again, it’s something that is doable.

Take Baby Steps and Simplify the Process

How complex the change process seems is one big challenge …

The Process of Creating Changes in Organizations

Successful people do things differently from those that are not successful. We live in a fast-changing world and if a business or an individual is not willing to change, then success could be something they hear about from other people. Businesses must consider the organizational change from time to time despite how hard this maybe. This includes keeping up with …